Our Story

For years now I was carrying around a broken mobile screen which my nephew broke. Not just was it affecting my ego but also my fingers and my work with my phone. Tried asking people where I can get my screen replaced. Went around almost all the service centres and ended up hearing their exorbitant prices for which I could afford a new phone. I always thought when buying a phone has become so easy why not getting my screen replaced be easy. In this process, I ended up having my phone cracked months together.

One fine day my friend who had years of experience with mobile services and sales got me the screen replaced within an hour of time at his shop with an unbelievable price. There the Idea of doctor display was born. We thought if we could take this service to the doorstep of every customer who has a broken screen it would be so precious to him. When almost everything today is door delivered why can't this service be door delivered.

There started the journey of Doctor display. We wanted all the problems faced by cracked phone user to get it replace with so much ease and affordable pricing. The biggest problems faced by any customer who gives his phone away for service was the time it consumed, then comes the data security, also the risk of getting parts replaced and finally not having the phone for days together.

All we wanted to focus was a service which is trust worth extremely easy and fast at the best price point possible in the market. Our vision might be too big - No broken mobile screen in the whole world. But wait that is only until the real gorilla glass is invented.